Just another happy week

I was totally happy last week. Many trips I made, with many friends. Starting from CIS&T Planning Cycle -a-Europe-trip-we-wish- on Thursday to Friday. Fun meeting (okay, I confess that Iwasn’t really into that meeting, just being a pretty learner), great relaxing massage at night and eat alot,,huehhe..

CIS&T -we-wish- Europe trip 🙂

 On Valentine’s day, I went Rafting with my college’s friends. Yippie yayayyy..  think I will do it again and again. Already fall in love with river’s wave (hoho,, seems Im easy to fall into the word ‘love’)
Playing with Citarik's wave

Playing with Citarik's wave

Then, the last day of the week was ended by high schools’ friends meeting (yeah,, you named it!) at Muara Angke & Pantai Indah Kapuk. Meeting 6 friends was enough, not much to talk since they were busy eating Seafood and i was drooling,, hate that alergy! But it’s all paid by this nice photoshoot. Thanks, Ky!
one,,two,,three,, poseeeee!!

one,,two,,three,, poseeeee!!

 Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

~Bernard Meltzer


6 thoughts on “Just another happy week

  1. merlyn says:

    nda nda…aku tau deh lokasi ur “CIS&T Planning Cycle -a-Europe-trip-we-wish” ,,,di hotel di lembang kaaannn…liat ga on the roof chapel nya dia…keren yaaahh…gw ksana wkt dia blm buka..masih under construction (n udah ada yg nginep dooonk, padahal masih banyak tukang beredar, ngecat, main semen, dll)..sekarang kolamny udah keisi air 🙂 –> kalimat terakhir ini ga penting bgt deh.. :p
    next nya rock climbing? wew..count me in deh..wkwkwk

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