You are Black Tiger

Ikutan Mona buat tes beginian. Hmm, aku baru mikir kalo smua tes personality seperti ini bener, recruitment team di kantor2 ga perlu interview kali ya,, hehhe..


You are Black Tiger,,

Nda, si Black tiger.

Nda, si Black tiger.

,, who is healthy and lively woman. Just being there, makes the atmosphere bright and cheerful. Your sociable and kind personality makes you have lots of friends, and you are very popular. Nevertheless, unlike your open attitude, you can be too serious and argumentative. You possess both pure and very calculative mind. But just as you look, you can adapt easily to circumstances, and would not do things that break the harmony of the group. You don’t show your strain of grief, and can live life happily and cheerfully in any situation or difficulty. Your strong mentality acts as one of your strength to make your ideals come true. Because of this, you can be rather obstinate to stick to the plans you have made. You have a brilliant mind and high intelligence and can make decisions logically and calmly. Your attitudes and preferences seem to be straightforwardly huge, people may think you extravagant. But although you seek extravagance in atmosphere, economically you are very thrifty. You are suited to occupations like lawyers and police women, which can use your sense of justice to its maximum. But you are very tough and can pour all your energy into anything you end up doing. After marring, you will put your natural motherly instinct to bring up a warm family. But your sociability keeps many people like you to carry on working.


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