Inserting row in Ms. Excel is soooo easy..

One week  had been stuck in the words “Inserting row”. Silly, huh? But I did it, and I’m sure that u also hate it when u’re in my position.

At Ms. Excel, inserting one row between two rows maybe an easy thing. Simply put your pointer at the row you want to insert, right click, choose “insert” and voilaaa,, the row is inserted. Then repeat at several rows you want. But how about “the several” is just not like “several”. I mean like 1000 rows you want to insert one by one? Then that was exactly the things I stuck last week.

I had been thinking that macro excel is the only way to do it easily, so I asked one of the “masters of macro” at my office. He just said “It’s easy. Just send the file to me”. Directly I sent it to him, then not more than 15 minutes he sent back it to me.

I was wondering how he can do it easily, when I was being stuck almost  a WEEK. I thought the Macro Excel had done that. Not letting my curiosity killed me, I asked him how to do it, he thaught me and i just can said,,”hoooo,, that’s soooo easy”

Well, these are steps to insert a row in many data..

Preparing your data.


1st step. Inserting one column. Filling the column with odd ordering numbers.


2nd step. after the odd numbers, filling the column with the even ordering numbers. Make sure you make it after all data u want inserted.3

 4th step. sort  the data at column A in descending orders41

 5th data sorted and delete the first column. 5

Voilaa,,, u’ve got blank row after the filled row.


 Easy right? But believe me, it’s very usefull. Well, that’s what it calls K.I.S.S.. Keep It Simple Stupid! That i am [still] stupid enough to understand there is easy way to do something.

Then.. study harder Nda!

There is no subject, however complex, which – if studied with patience and intelligence – will not become more complex.


4 thoughts on “Inserting row in Ms. Excel is soooo easy..

  1. huakhahahaha..

    ini salah satu kejadian dimana kemampuan dasar itu ternyata bisa ngasih solusi yang terbaik. Kayak Macro vs nambahin 1 kolom…


  2. weks..hihihi…logikanya simple banget yah…otakku perlu lebih di-kreatif-in lg nih kynya, ampe ga kepikiran such a simple solution like this..

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