day and night at the museum

Night at the museum 2 is coming in theatre..

having two tickets at night..

two tickets for day

two tickets for night

me and him decided to get more tickets at day..

more tickets for day

more tickets for day

here is the itinerary..

Kota Tua

located at Taman Fatahillah No. 2, West jakarta

8.00:  arrive at Kota Tua, having breakfast.

9.00: Museum Fathahillah

See many jakarta’s history here!

9.45: Museum Wayang

Many kinds of  Wayang from any places in Indonesia and another country are here. We wondered why wayang’s faces look very scary??!!

10.30: Museum Bank Indonesia (BI)

Do you know why Bank is named as “Bank”? It’s come frome word “banca” means “bangku”..  hehhe..:p Many interesting story u can find at this museum.

11.30: Museum Bank Mandiri(BM)

From typing machine till strong-box (actually it is”brangkas”) are here. Please watch out your step! There’s big possibility u can get lost here. it is the biggest museum of all.

12.30: Relax at Batavia Cafe

Not reccomended for moslem having lunch here, because it has some “non halal” food. But, it is really fun place to chat.

13.30: Museum Keramik

Besides ceramics, u can see many beautifull paintings.

Sunda Kelapa

located at Jl. Pasar Ikan no 1. North Jakarta

14.00: Museum Bahari

all related with fishing tradition and sea things 🙂

14.30: Sunda Kelapa Port

When u came to port then u will find Ship!!

Of all.. i heart Museum BI. It well organized, informative and modern!

Wanna see picts from there? hmm,, actually it’s all me with the museuma as the back back background,,hehe..

some picts of me (not the museum) :D

some picts of me (not the museum) 😀

*For entrance will be charged  IDR 2K each persons, except Museum Bank Mandiri and Museum BI, they cost free.

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