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Mendapati lembaran koran The Jakarta Globe tanggal 23 Juli itu seperti sebuah sweet reminder bagi saya untuk tidak berhenti melakukan sesuatu bagi orang-orang yang kurang mampu. Child Can Lead baru melakukan baby step.Masih banyak mimpi dan masih banyak cita-cita yang ingin saya lakukan. Belum banyak juga yang saya perbuat dan masih banyak celah yang harus diisi. Saya tahu semua terwujud bukan karena saya sendiri, tapi karena banyaaaaaakkk sekali yang mendukung saya mewujudkan ini. Sweet reminder ini juga sebagai pengingat untuk terus menjalankan amanah dari teman-teman yang mulia hatinya. Dan inilah…

‘I Made a Pledge to Give My Best So Less Fortunate Kids Can Become Their Best’

Semoga ikrar itu tak hanya berhenti sekedar ikrar, tapi selalu bisa berwujud perbuatan berdampak baik. Amin.

Ini dia isi dari yang tertulis di The Jakarta Globe pada hari anak nasional itu. Versi online ada di sini.

Thanks to Ci’ Sanny Djohan yang sudah percaya bahwa cerita ini layak dipublikasikan 🙂


My Jakarta: Inanda Tiaka, Founder of Child Can Lead Organization

While many children dream of becoming firefighters or ballerinas, Inanda Tiaka was dreaming of helping less fortunate children obtain a good education that would help them achieve their future goals. Her dream never faded. Together with a friend, she founded the organization Child Can Lead in Jakarta.

Not even a year old, CCL has already made great strides. Thanks to the generous support of donors, CCL was able to build a library, which also doubles as an office, where almost 90 children can come to read and participate in writing workshops. And the best part? Inanda never really has to grow up — she gets to play with children every day.

Tell us about the organization you founded for children. 

It’s called Child Can Lead (CCL). The organization focuses on building a solid academic foundation and developing creativity for less fortunate children and for those who are keen to learn and improve their skills. Our goal is to give them skills that will benefit them in the future. 

We just started earlier this year. Our vision is to challenge these kids to become DREAM children — Different, Responsible, well-Educated, Active and have good Manners. The initiative to start this movement came from me and a friend of mine, Satrio. We are responsible for ensuring that CCL runs. We are involved in every detail of the operation like project planning, managing activities, gathering donations and finding volunteers. Right now we are only around Jakarta, but similar projects are being planned around Indonesia. 

How do you achieve all of your organization’s goals? 

With lots of help from some big-hearted fellow Indonesians who are willing to volunteer their time and effort to guide less fortunate children who we want to see become DREAM children. I meet the volunteers through social media such as blogging sites and Twitter. I used to write about my big dream to help less fortunate kids. I crossed paths with people online who shared my passion and we talked about realizing our dream. They even helped me spread the word by inviting their friends to join the movement. We have about nine volunteers who inspire the children and give them hope. 

What kind of projects has CCL launched?

Perpuskreatif, translated as creative library, was our first project. The project involved building a small library in the Sungai Bambu area of North Jakarta. This also became our headquarters. We want to make this library a gateway for knowledge. I believe that even reading one book will give children endless opportunities to explore the world. 

Every two weeks, CCL holds creative workshops like a writing class or tree-planting activity in and around the library. And so far, there are about 90 children who have made use of these facilities. 

How do you finance the movement? 

It’s financed from all of the donations we receive. Thank God we’re always blessed with sufficient resources. Our donors are mostly our close friends who are willing to support us, and also new friends whom we have got to know along the way as we have done our different projects. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I was born in Indonesia and I’m proud of my nationality. I have a passion for traveling, photography and helping children. During my free time, I normally go on a new adventure and take some really good pictures. 

Building a good school has always been my dream. I’ve always wanted to educate the next generation. CCL is the stepping-stone to realizing my dream. These days, besides working, I devote most of my personal time to CCL. I’ve also been advocating for building a better society because I think this issue is everyone’s responsibility. It’s possible to build a better society if you are really willing to do it. You can teach those in need whenever you have the time, passion and capabilities, or you can support them financially. Everybody has a different part to play. 

Where do you get the energy to do all of this? 

I love kids and I love playing with them. Putting a smile on their innocent faces is my greatest pleasure. It makes all of my sweat and tears worthwhile. I made a pledge to give my best so that children who are less fortunate can become their best. 

Tell us one thing you would change if you were the governor of Jakarta? 

The thought of being governor has never crossed my mind. I am part of a grassroots movement. If I have to answer your question, as governor, I would do my part to ensure that all Indonesians, without any exceptions, have access to education. I believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. 


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