Akatara is turning one!

2Dear my Akatara..
You’re the one who made me saying “Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Allahu Akbar” out loud when i see u first time, because i knew you’re the best gift i ever received.

From you, i know the unconditional love. I don’t care about the crying, the sleepless night you made and the mess you create at home. Everything seems paid off when i see u grow healthy and happy!

Happy first birthday, my son…

I will continue hugging you on your cold night, cheering you every day.I’ll make sure you’re not blaming the wall when you hit it, but warning you to be more careful. I’ll make you understand that’s okay to fall, as long as you can get up. I’ll let you to continue creating the ‘mess’, as long as you learn something from it. I’ll answer your “apani? Apatuh?”-question to always fuel up your curiosity.
And of course my son, i will always love you like the first time i saw you!

bday akatara 2